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Skylanders Eon’s Elite Spyro and Chop Chop

Eon's Elite Spyro

The first two of the eight Eon’s Elite Skylanders figures have arrived at my house. I received two packages this week from Activision. One was full of Wave 2 figures and that was so awesome to receive. The second was of the two Eon’s Elite figures, Chop Chop and Spyro. This second box floored me because I was not intending to purchase these figures for myself. With so many figures that I have collected I couldn’t justify another repaint of the same figure that I already had several times over. The figures themselves are repaints of the series one figures. They are not remolded, they are repainted in a fancy metallic paint. The paint job on them is excellent. They have pretty incredible packaging, too. Each comes in a shiny holographic foil box and inside there is a display case with a 3D lenticular background. It is rumored that when you put them all together that the backgrounds form one complete scene of Skylands. The bottom of the display is in the color of the character’s element and on the packaging two more of Eon’s elite were shown: Trigger Happy and Whirlwind. Continue reading Skylanders Eon’s Elite Spyro and Chop Chop

Skylanders Toys coming to McDonalds Happy Meals April 12 – May 2

Skylanders Happy Meal Box 2

I looks like I’m going to be scouring the local McDonalds stores to make sure I collect all nine of the new Skylanders toys that will be appearing in Happy Meals from April 12- May 2. This is the first-ever partnership between McDonald’s and Activision. The Figures that will be part of this promotion are Spyro, Gill Grunt, Drobot, Chop Chop, Ignitor, Jet-Vac, Tree Rex, Crusher and Kaos. And for the first time ever the figures will have dexterity in their limbs. Some possibility. While they are not playable in the game at all they are fun toys to have and to collect for any portal master. They can be purchased as part of the Skylanders themed Happy Meals or if kids aren’t hungry, Portal Masters of all sizes can head over to their local McD’s and pick up soon-to-be hottest toys around for just $1! Click Read More for Preview images of the figures. Continue reading Skylanders Toys coming to McDonalds Happy Meals April 12 – May 2