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Super Bowl Sunday Proceeded by Super Snack Shopping Saturday

Are you ready for some Heartburn! On Sunday families and friends will gather to watch funny commercials, consume libations, eat lots of snacks and oh yeah there is some sort of game on between the commercials. Saturday the supermarkets will be packed with people picking up copious amounts of food. Over the years we’ve made some tasty snacks and meals for the Super Bowl. Here are some Super Bowl worthy recipes that I’ve made in the past.

The Choco-Nutty-Bacontastic Cookie!

‘Grilled’ Peanut Butter & Pickle Sandwich

Fry Sauce

Hoffapenos – (A recipe I made based on an Average Betty Show. Betty has a ton of great things that you can make for your Super bowl party.)

Here is that video of Hoffapenos.

I was watching my iPod Touch this morning as I worked out and there were some great videos from Chris Pirillo that were Super Bowl Related, one directly and the other in a roundabout way

Super Bowl Snack Ideas (Easy to Make!)

And to wash that down

Mountain Dew Throwback Taste Test

So, what are you serving for Super Bowl Sunday? What is your favorite Super Bowl Snack? Leave a comment with what you are going to enjoy eating this Sunday.

Buck Rogers, KA and a Falls Tweetup

Buck Rogers, KA and a Falls Tweetup
Photo-A-Day #1651

Today I flew to Las Vegas for Blog World Expo. I had a nice early morning flight out of Providence on SouthWest Air. The plane was pretty packed and we also were carrying “The Ocho!”. “The Ocho” were a group of guys approx 40 something, all buff body builder types with ropelike veins and such. They all came on with boas and cowboy hats and even had an inflatable friend. They gave the boas to the flight crew for the trip. This my friends is why you fly SouthWest to a place like Vegas. Crazy.

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