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Giveaway: This Geek Dad Loves Linksys E4200

I do so love being a Geek Dad. We get to talk about so many fun things and play with cool stuff. Over at Geek Dads Weekly Daniel, Greg and I talked about the results of a survey: The Linksys “Confessions of a Geek Dad” Survey; conducted by Answers Research on behalf of Cisco Home Networking in December 2011; survey of 590 men ages 25-54 with children ages 17 and under. We were not participants int eh survey but we sure should have been. We chatted about the answers to the survey on this past week’s show and Daniel posted the episode to Youtube.

Now, a big part of being a Geek Dad is technology and Cisco and Linksys have some really cool tech for a family that is becoming increasingly more dependent upon wireless. We have wireless laptops, iPads, a Nintendo Wii, Kodak Wireless Printer, Sony Blu-Ray player and are thinking about a wireless TV. In order to be able to take advantage of all of those devices you need to have a good router. I was sent a Linksys E4200 Dual-Band N Router to review and lucky for you, I have one to give away! Continue reading Giveaway: This Geek Dad Loves Linksys E4200

Hanging with the Little Man

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Andrew is just such a little happy boy. He’s just smiling and cooing over and over. He was with me after recording Geek Dads Weekly today. He would have been on the show too if my video hadn’t crapped out five minutes into the show. I cannot figure out why this continues to happen. We have a good Internet connection and I turned off the different devices that use wi-fi too. So I wonder why this keeps happening. I’ll keep trying to figure it out.

Today’s episode of Geek Dads kicked off a new direction of the show. We’re going to be sticking to topics each episode, with some diversion of course. Today we talked about two things. There was a survey done by Cisco Systems and Linksys about Geek Dads and what being a Geek Dad is all about. We were not asked to participate in the actual survey but we did have a good time talking about it. We also talked about the upcoming National Day of Unplugging. This will be on Friday the 23rd. It starts at sundown and goes until sundown on the 24th. Since I work on Fridays to Saturdays and I work on a computer it just won’t work for me. I guess we could try it as a family another time outside of this event.