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Honda ‘Greener’ than you think…

After posting the article below and mentioning green cars I decided to take a look and see what I could find. What I found was a top ten list of the greenest vehicles on the road. Top of the charts however was the Honda Civic GX. I had never heard of the Honda Civic GX before so I checked it out. The Honda Civic GX is a natural gas engine car.

This car is already available in places like New York and California. They always get the cool stuff first. The price tag is very high however at $24,590 it is a lot to pay for a civic.

Then there is the question about fueling The Honda Civic GX. Apparently you can purchase a device called the Phill. It hooks to your existing natural gas line so you can fuel your car. I have very little faith that the average consumer can fill their car in their garage and not blow it to smithereens. But maybe I am cynical.

Also while looking at the Civic GX I saw a link to the Honda cars that were at SEMA. Each of those cars were built for performance including a 500hp Element that was built for ‘drifting’. Interesting.