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G.I. Joe: Renegades

You already know that I am a huge Transformers fan but you might not know that I also enjoy G.I. Joe. While I didn’t collect the toys like I did the Transformers I did watch the cartoon every day as a kid. The shows were back to back and so I watched a full on hour of Hasbro programming. I loved it. I also collected the comic books for both Transformers and G.I. Joe so I am pretty well versed in both universes.

When I learned that a new G.I. Joe sow was starting up on The Hub I was excited and I made sure that I watched every single episode. I loved how this story focused on a small group of Joes including Tunnel Rat, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Duke and RoadBlock. The team ended up being accused of a crime that they did not commit. So they were on the run avoiding other Joes Flint and Lady Jaye. It was a good series and unfortunately didn’t get a second season. I really wanted that to happen. Continue reading DVD Review: G.I. JOE: RENEGADES – SEASON ONE, VOLUME 1 DVD set

Curses, it’s back in the box for us!

Curses, it's back in the box for us!
Photo-A-Day #1335

Over the past 7 years I have amassed a good deal of desk junk. No, not papers and notes and things like that. Nothing “work related” per se. No I have probably one of the most elaborate desk set ups in the entire office. If you can’t tell the theme, let me give you a hint “More Than Meets The Eye”.

I’m moving my desk to another building entirely. The other building has an entirely different feel, not so, how should I say this “laid back”. So on Friday I’m bringing in two plastic “bins” to pack up all of my toys. Then they will spend some time int he attic until such time as I either have my own office at home or at work or just someplace to put them back out. There is so much there, my Harley Pins (Which I may take with me), all my Transformers (into the bin with them), and many other things. Here are some more high res photos so you can really see what is going on on my desk.

The Whole thing The Left Edge The corner
The Corner Right of the Corner The Garage
And then there were the pez And some books