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Ultimate Kit 2 – Let’s Start Coding

Ultimate Code Kit 2
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00313

I am very fortunate to do what I do. Creating blog posts, videos and content can be tough and sometimes you feel like you should quit. Then there are other times when you connect with a company around one of their very unique products and everything just clicks. This happened to us with Let’s Start Coding and their Code Car product.

About a month ago I received an email out of the blue from the communications person at Let’s Start Coding. She had taken the time to actually look at my blog and made a personal connection to the content of my blog including the sidebar. This was not the usual pitch and it really made a difference. She told me about their company and products. I looked and immediately thought that Code Car would be perfect for us. So, I requested one and it was sent to us immediately. I started playing around with it and then showed it to Eva. She was so excited as she made connections with the code and started making changes right away.

I posted my review and also some photos. Let’s Start Coding liked them and said that they might want to send us something else. I said that was great and then today we received The Ultimate Kit 2 in the mail. I had no idea it was coming but we are super excited about this. After dinner and before I headed to work Eva and I discussed The Ultimate Kit 2. We’re going to work on this one together. Eva then suggested that she show Andrew Code Car.

After dinner she began showing Andrew how to use Code Car. I think that he wants to get a hold of it for himself. He wants to do it all himself and that is great. They can both work on that kit themselves. With The Ultimate Kit 2 they will need a little direction to start and I cannot wait to start. There are going to be some great things that we will do. I am also considering connecting with the kids’ school to do some projects with them, too.

BenSpark’s Holiday Gift Guide Code ARTIE 3000 from Educational Insights to Draw For You

The kids with Artie 3000
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00312

We received an Artie 3000 from Educational Insights for free to include in our Holiday Gift Guide and to play with and review. Opinions are our own.When I went to the HoliDAY of Play I was introduced to ARTIE 3000. This adorable little robot can be programmed with several different languages in order to draw using a slim marker. I was so impressed with this robot that I asked for one for my Holiday Gift Guide. It is a such a great toy for kids to use to learn how to code and for a great price point for something so powerful. The fact that you can use several different coding languages to control ARTIE 3000 is amazing. Most toys only have one option for coding. This means that the toy will gorw with your kids. Eva has already caught the programming bug with the Code Car that I included earlier this week on the gift guide. She is beyond thrilled to see what ARTIE can do. You can see ARTIE 3000 in action in our video below.

Some features of ARTIE 3000:

  • THE CREATIVE WAY TO LEARN CODING: Artie 3000 is the coding robot for kids where you design the code, and Artie 3000 draws the lines! With preprogrammed designs, beginners can start coding right away
  • STEAM & STEM POWERED FUN! Artie 3000 was created for beginner to advanced coders. Artie features easy setup where kids can code using Drag & Drop, Remote Control, Point & Click, Blockly, Snap!, Python and JavaScript.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED? Artie 3000 robot, 4 washable markers, quick start guide, and activity cards. Artie also has pre-coded designs and advanced coding apps for kids to grow with. Requires 4 AA batteries, not included
  • SAFE & SECURE WIFI! No internet connection is required with Artie 3000. With his built-in WiFi server, all you need is a tablet, computer, or phone to control Artie. This allows classrooms and homes to run multiple robots simultaneously
  • MENSA APPROVED! American Mensa named Artie 3000 an Honorary Mensa Member and partnered with Educational Insights to create coding activities and programs that spark curiosity in coding for kids of all learning levels
  • MADE BY EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS: Since 1962 Educational Insights has been creating toys and games that ignite the spark in every child

You can learn more about ARTIE 3000 the website CodeWithArtie.com.

If you are interested in picking up these toys for the holidays for your family then please consider using our Amazon.com affiliate link, it costs you nothing extra but helps out out big time.