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Smoky Mountain EvaBear

Photo-A-Day #1868

Evabear and I are in Knoxville, TN today. We work up very early so that I could finish some setup for my demonstration. The hotel’s access point for wireless on my floor was broken, it also happened to be located directly below me in a guest’s room and so at 10:30pm the hotel was not able to fix the issue. I spent my late night in the lobby. It was about 12:30 when I gave up and said I’d get things working in the morning. When you go to bed at 1:00am 5:00am comes really quickly. Continue reading Smoky Mountain EvaBear

Cruising with EvaBear

Photo-A-Day #1867

After my demonstration today I drove back to the airport and along the way I saw a Harley-Davidson Shop, Grand Rapids Harley-Davidson. This was a really nice and friendly shop. They had a nice dealer pin there as well. One of the things I miss from no more travel is that I haven’t been to a Harley-Davidson shop in such a long time. I have over 90 dealer pins from all around the country and I haven’t gotten a new one in such a long time. So I picked up a couple pins (Me, Dad and John’s Dad) and then took a bunch of photos of EvaBear around the shop. Continue reading Cruising with EvaBear