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One Minute Vlog – #Unboxing Funko Pop Falcon

Marvel Falcon Unboxed
Photo-A-Day #4169

While taking a look at some of the conversations over at the YouTube Creator Community I got some inspiration. I learned about a vlogger who was doing a one-minute vlog every day. I am not sure if I can go and record a one-minute vlog on a daily basis but one the weekends when I have limited time it works great. Unboxings work well for the one-minute type videos. My toughest part of all this is actually keeping the videos to a minute.

I picked up Falcon at Barnes & Noble when I used my gift card last week. I was saving it for a day when I didn’t have much else going on. It was perfect for the minute long video.

Radz: Collectible Candy Dispensers and More

Hanging with some Radz

At Toy Fair I learned about a new product in the toy/candy market. It is a collectible candy dispenser called Radz. I was given two Radz candy dispensers while at the conference and also one additional one along with extra candy and a set of mystery glasses for my Radz figure for the purpose of a review. Radz are fun and cute. I was drawn to these characters because of their colorful look and the fun way they dispense the candy. Just pull back the hair and out pops the Radz tongue with a piece of tasty candy. The Gluten-free, peanut free candy comes in four flavors, Orange Burst, Apple Smash, Strawberry Splash and Radzberry Crush. I personally can’t taste a huge difference between the four flavors but they are tasty and enjoyable.

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