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Fall: Time of Renewal

Fall Time of Renewal
Photo-A-Day #2033

I started a new job today. I’m still with the same company but with an entirely new division. Things here are so different than any other division I’ve worked in so far. I’m eager to learn more about what I will be doing and putting to use my knowledge while learning so much more. I’m basically treating this like I’ve been hired at an entirely different company and today was my first day ever there. I went to a different building than usual and my permanent desk is moving to a building that I’ve never worked in before. That will happen Wednesday. The good thing about that building is that they have a great new gym (which will work out great because of a new project I am starting) and they even have a bike trail. So I am excited for that, too. Continue reading Fall: Time of Renewal

The Crayon Experiment is Growing.

Image by Vagabond_Blue

One of my great Twitter Followers saw my Use Every Crayon In The Box Experiment and took the challenge. Vagabond Blue (@vagabond_blue) took part in this experiment and made a great image using all of the crayons in the box. Here is the image vagabond_blue created. Use Every Crayon in the Box: The Experiment. If you are going to do the experiment please let me know and I may feature you on BenSpark.com.

Would You Like to Recreate The Experiment?

* Get a box of brand new crayons.
* Remove the Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet Brown and Black crayons.
* Get a coloring page (or blank sheet of paper if you are really serious)
* Get a stopwatch or something to tell you when a minute is up. The stopwatch on the iPod or iPhone works great for this. Set the stopwatch for a minute.
* Start the countdown and grab one crayon at random.
* Color with that crayon for one minute.
* Repeat until every crayon has been used.

I’d love to see your finished products. Shoot the box of crayons before you start, shoot the coloring page or blank sheet of paper too. Then take some photos during the experiment, or have someone shooting photos of you doing this. Then take photos of the box when you are done and also take a photo of the finished product.