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#Unboxing Hasbro ALT-Mode Transformers

Transformers ALT-MODES Acid Storm and Smokescreen
Photo-A-Day #4316

After a while of teasing that I had these Blind Boxes to open I finally opened two of them for this blog. I had been saving them to do a massive unboxing over on the Big Damn Kid channel and I will still do that. I just have two less to open at this time. These ALT-MODE Blind Boxes are pretty cute. It wasn’t until after I had completed my video that I realized that you pull on the Faction Symbol on the top of the character’s head to make them transform. That works way better and it is a cool gimmick. Watch as I stumble, mumble and fumble through this unboxing. I even misname a character. I never do that! Ugh.

A Devastatingly Superior Update comes to Transformers Earth Wars

devastator superion fight

Have you played the popular real-time combat strategy game Transformers: Earth Wars? Well it just released its biggest update yet – bringing fan-favorite Combiners characters Devastator and Superion from the iconic Transformers universe into the game! For the G1 fans this is the game for you. I’ve played a few times and like seeing my favorite characters playing in the game. Devastator is one of the biggest powerhouses in Transformers history. This is a great enhancement to the game. You can see the announcement video below.

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