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New Comic Book Day – I Cracked My Vlogging Phone!

Sweet Kids at Dinner
Photo-A-Day #4287

Last night when I came home from filming SteamDads and Built from Bricks I was putting something into the Recycling and had too many things in my hand, the phone slipped out and smashed to the ground. Now it has a shattered glass but it still can be used. Brian and I chatted later on and he suggested that I put masking tape on it. Good idea. At least I can still film on it. I just didn’t use it today to illustrate that it was broken.

I had an eye appointment today so I had to get drops and that mean feeling messed up all day long. But no time to sleep. I was running all around. Making sure that my Big Damn Kid video for today was ready to publish and last night’s videos had rendered. Then I recorded tomorrow’s video at my local comic book store, Wild Time Comics. I completely forgot to mention where I was while filming. DOH!

I found a notice from Marvel Collector Corps that the Smuggler’s Bounty box was a Christmas gift for loyal customers. That was in my spam folder so, whoops, I guess my post from yesterday had me all kerfuffled.

I got a few new comics at Wild Time Comics and it will be a while until I actually get to read them. For now I’m doing the individual reviews one day at a time. Some days one ahead just because of my work schedule.

I took the kids out for dinner tonight. We walk into the restaurant and Andrew says to the hostess, “I like your hair!” She was so tickled. Then the server that sat us also got a compliment from Andrew. I have no idea where this came from. He’s such a little sweetheart and charmer. He loves to make people smile.

Don’t Mess with Deadpool

Dont Mess with Deadpool
Photo-A-Day #4013

Andrew and I went to the comic book store today. Andrew is very proud to be able to tell me who all the comic book characters are. He points out all the characters and figures that he sees when we go to get comics. That is after he goes and gets a piece of candy from the candy bowl. It is his favorite thing. He always notices Deadpool and today wanted to goof around and take photos with him.

Of the books I picked up today there was one that I got a chance to read which was the IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deviations one. This was a rif on their story from the IDW series where Leonardo is brainwashed into believing that Shredder was his master. In this story all four of the turtles are brainwashed into thinking that Splinter was their enemy and Shredder was their master. It was an interesting story. It didn’t resonate with me as much as the G.I. Joe or Transformers Deviations stories but it was decent overall.