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My Comic Book Stack

My Comic Book Stack
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00163

I’ve got a stack of comic books sitting next to my bed and I am trying to get caught up on years of neglect at reading them. I’ve been collecting comic books for years and not reading them. I got behind in my reading of Transformers comic books. At one point I did reviews of the Transformers comic books starting with the very first ones from way back when. I am considering starting that up once again. We shall see, though.

Free Comic Book Day 2019

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00124

I took the kids over to Wild Time Comics to get some free comics. I’ve been taking Eva to this for several years now and it is a fun annual event that we love doing together. I love that Eva makes her own costumes and has a good time being her own character. She went as Lily, a pixie that is a character in a book that she is writing with her friend. Both kids picked out 4 free comics. I picked out 4 of my own. Then I bought a couple of trade paperbacks for the kids. I also bought them some blank comic book pages. We took photos with cosplayers or rather, I took photos of the kids with cosplayers. I did not get any photos of myself with the kids. I have to make sure I remember to do that in the future. I look forward to the years ahead sharing comics with the kids.

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