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Special Delivery

Special Delivery
Photo-A-Day #1483

Eva has a box that is now empty but was filled with clothes from her Mimi and Grandpa Dano. They sent the box up ahead of them for their trip here. They are staying with us for the next few days. It is really nice that they have some time to spend with Eva and they are going to go to Eva’s first “dance” class tomorrow… Wiggles and Giggles… at the YMCA. I think Eva will love a class like this so I’m anxious to hear how she does.

Today is the last possible day that comments can be counted on my two posts Being Responsible and Blogs, Brews 2 Recap. I’m in a little contest with some other bloggers and I’m slightly behind the leader and could use every comment I can get, so please help me out even if you already commented before.

Also a friend of mine Autumn has a dog named Cosmo and Cosmo is a mixed breed from a high kill shelter. Cosmo is in a little contest too. He needs some votes. Autumn says:

If he wins he will be cover dog for the month of May on www.snobbydogs.com. People can vote for Cozmo at http://www.snobbydogs.com/vote.cfm?id=0005A51C-E8EE-19C3-BF068873D18E006C you must also confirm your email. Only one vote per email. I have not received any spam from this company and we have ordered from them.

I just think it would be great if a little mixed breed pup from a high kill shelter would win.

He will win a couple of prizes that we do not need so we will donate them to a local animal shelter, also I will make a donation based on the number of votes he wins by to a shelter or animal organization.

I love hearing how people will help out the animal shelters. I’m helping my sister on a new project for our local animal shelter and it isn’t quite ready yet but once it is I’ll let you all know.

Fame comes to Flatwater

So the other day I posted about my newfound favorite iTunes Podcast, Best Night Ever from the folks that bring you VH1’s Best Week Ever. And today I get a comment from Fred Graver. Who is Fred Graver? He is none other than Executive Producer and Creator of Best Week Ever. He also runs the BestWeekEver.TV website. So why would Fred comment on this blog. Well, he let me know that Christian Finnegan (whom I really enjoy on Best Week Ever BTW) is not introducing ever Best Night Ever Spot anymore. I guess my comment of

You are warned, if you watch this over and over you will begin to loath Christian Finnegan because he intros almost ever single podcast. It is the same clip over and over.

was noticed. So this is a lesson folks watch what you say and say the truth. I would like to clarify that I enjoy Christian Finnegan’s comedy. He is very funny. It was just that same clip over and over that drove me nuts. I don;t want to loath Christian Finnegan. So I am glad that clip was changed. But it will be a while till I get to see that as I am still in June on the episodes. I am waiting to see if my old high School Classmate Jackie Clarke will appear in an episode. I know I saw her on one VH1 show at some point and freaked out because I know someone on TV on a show I watch. that is nuts.

So thanks for stopping by Fred Graver.