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Chalk, Walk, Good Talk

Photo-A-Day #1917

Allison and I are big TV fans, we spend many nights watching TV as I write my blog posts. We are fans of all sorts of shows and the DVR is a magical device in our home. It is great for keeping some of Eva’s favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows and we use it to capture our favorite shows and specials that we’d love to watch again. Sometimes we get behind on the shows and have a little DVR cleaning night where we clear out everything. Continue reading Chalk, Walk, Good Talk

Starting to Get Excited about Transformers 3

Photo-A-Day #1809

I should certainly not be getting my hopes up after the disappointing storyline of Transformers 2 but I can’t help get excited over Transformers news. Today it was announced that Both Frances McDormand and John Malkovich have joined the cast of the third movie. It was also announced that Ken Jeong from The Hangover and NBC’s Community will be a part of the cast. It has not been revealed as to who Jeong will play in the movie. Speculations begin soon as to what Autobot the Ferrari 458 Italia will be. What a sweet car.

Continue reading Starting to Get Excited about Transformers 3