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Ralph has no Shoes

Photo-A-Day #3198

It is days like today that I know that we are raising these kids somewhat right. I’ve been cleaning out my office and now that there aren’t many small items all over the place we let Andrew come in. He still finds the most inappropriate thing to play with except for Wreck-It Ralph. Andrew loves Ralph. This toy makes all sorts of crazy soundbites from the movie. It moves and swings arms and makes smashing noises. Perfect for an active little boy.

Andrew noticed today that Wreck-It Ralph doesn’t have any shoes. He was very upset by this and went to his room to get Ralph some socks and shoes. He attempted to put the socks and shoes on Ralph. He wasn’t able to do it so I helped him out. He was very happy that Ralph now had shoes

Such a sweet soul in my little boy.

Swag that I received from IZEAFest 2009

My box of IZEAFest swag.. I...

At every conference I have ever attended I’ve been loaded down with Swag. I have to pack separate bags just to take it home and sometimes I even have to ship it home. It takes me a while to go through all of it and make follow ups with all the great people that gave me things so I apologize for this post being rather late. However, the swag I’m talking about is not what you think.

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