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Bye Bye Bumble Bee

Photo-A-Day #2302

My Dad called this car the ultimate Transformer. He said that it transformed him back to 1969 when he drove his Pontiac GTO and various other muscle cars of the day. Dad spent a lot of time with Bumble Bee. Since I work on weekend nights the car didn’t do much on the weekends so I gave it to my Dad to drive all weekend long. He took it to the Cape and cruised it up and down the beach, around the Nobska lighthouse and many other places. His whole attitude changed while driving this car. Any stress he had was let go and he just simply enjoyed the ride. Continue reading Bye Bye Bumble Bee

Cruising for Some Ice Cream

Photo-A-Day #2300

Tonight was the night of the annual downtown block party. Today was also a day of a ton of running around. I’m pretty sure that I worked on the house with Dad and I moved a bunch of stuff as well but I can’t remember exactly what we did. This move has taken a lot out of everyone and if I don’t write everything down each night then I miss a lot. Unfortunately I’m not as clear on what we did during the day. I know it involved working on the house, probably running to Lowe’s and more. I do however remember what we did at night. Continue reading Cruising for Some Ice Cream