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Ticket to Ride

Photo-A-Day #2297

I drove the Camaro to work last night. I also listened to Radio Margaritaville on the XM satellite radio. I also wore the shirt in the picture to work. Apparently a blast of color provokes many the comment from everyone at work. In fact, as I walked in I was asked where the Jimmy Buffet Concert was. It was in my car actually. Continue reading Ticket to Ride

Family Road Trip to Evelyn’s Drive-In

Photo-A-Day #2296

Today was a pretty awesome day. At 9am the Chevy Camaro Convertible arrived. It is bright yellow! I was so excited because I could drive BumbleBee around for the better part of the next week (more on that later). I signed my paperwork and got the keys. The guy dropping it off asked if he wanted me to have him pull it into the driveway. I said no thanks and took off up the road. I drove the car up by the farms on Ellis road with the wind flying by, it was Awesome! Continue reading Family Road Trip to Evelyn’s Drive-In