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The Kids Adore Each Other

Photo-A-Day #3022

The kids love being together. They spend a bunch of time together laughing and playing and giggling. Andrew simply adores his older sister. Eva likes to help Andrew whenever she can, and sometimes when she can’t. She tries though.

We got a pool.

Our New Pool

Allison picked up this pool and today we blew it up and filled it. It is small but it works well for the kids and us just to cool off. It was quite cold but it worked out great for me because I finally cooled down after a super hot day. The kids loved it as well. They had so much fun playing in the pool. It is definitely going to get some use this summer.

Eva’s Recital 2013

Dance Recital - Eva - 2013
Photo-A-Day #2984

Today was Eva’s Dance Recital. She has been working very hard this past year on ballet and acro. She has excelled in ballet and her teachers have told us how well she has been doing. She certainly enjoys ballet and acro but ballet is her dance, she has been doing it since she started dancing. For Ballet she danced to The Lonely Goathearder and for Acro is was Sea Cruise. Continue reading Eva’s Recital 2013