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Excited for her Birthday Cookies

excited for her Birthday Cookies

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This year has brought the rise of drive by birthdays or birthday parades going by people’s homes. Well, this Saturday we are having one for Eva’s birthday. We had attended one a ways back for a friend of Andy’s and they gave out goodie bags to everyone that had a cookie inside. It was a store bought frosted cookie and was tasty enough but I got the idea to make Eva’s birthday parade special for everyone that came. We were going to get cookies made by Mrs. Packer. Mrs. Packer cookies are famous at the school events. She does incredible work and we hired her to take the playbill for Percy Jackson – The Lightning Thief the Musical and make them cookies. When I picked them up today I was thrilled with how amazing they turned out. Eva was even more excited. She was blown away by the work and the detail. I cannot wait to see what people think about them tomorrow.

We’re going to do some very special ones for Andy’s birthday parade as well.

We had one extra cookie included and we split it last night. It was amazing!. You can see more of the cookies that Mrs. Packer makes on her instagram at @dp_cookeez and the DP Cookeez Website.

Winter Cookie Bouquet

Mrs Packer Cookies

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The kids’ school is having a cookie raffle. These are done by one of the parents of former students. She makes these amazing cookies for so many events and they are coveted by anyone who gets one. They always taste amazing. We are hoping to win this basket.