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Trying out a Gummy Recipe!

Dinosaur Gummi
Photo-A-Day #4306

I give making gummys a shot. Working it out before I do it tomorrow night with SteamDads! I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to make some gummis so I wanted to try it out. When I get a recipe now I have to make sure it works out before we start filming. We’ve had a few experiments go, not quite according to plan and take longer than expected. So now I have a decent idea of how long the creation takes. I also know which of the molds work best for these and it just so happens that the Dinosaur mold is perfect. The LEGO one is pretty good, too. The hearts were more difficult but for the most part everything came out really well.

I only used the Jello for the flavor. I’ve heard that there are other ways to flavor the gummis and even using crushed up Vitamin C makes them sour. I may even look into using the Warheads drops to try something in another batch.

Review – Making Cupcakes with the Ultimate Baking Starter Set

Real Cooking
Photo-A-Day #4255

We received the Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set to use and review from Skyrocket Toys. Opinions are 100% our own.

Today Eva was home from school. It was the perfect day for us to try out the Real Cooking Ultimate Baking Starter Set. This is a set where kids can bake a couple of different types of cupcakes. There are mixes for tuxedo cupcakes and sparkle surprise cupcakes. They are mini cupcakes and can be baked in cupcake liners using the heat-resistant, fast cooling
silicone tray.

First we made the tuxedo cupcakes. Eva was excited to use the mess-free egg cracker. This is a fun little device where kids just have to push down on a button and the egg cracks into a small container where you can whisk the eggs before you pour them into the mixing bowls. The interchangeable mixing bowls can be securely affixed to the counter via a suction cup. The set also comes with a spatula, whisk, measuring cups and pastry tips. She made the cupcakes and then decorated them. She got help from Andrew who did the mixing of some of the frosting for the tuxedo cupcakes.

The cupcakes were pretty tasty. The thing is, you are using real food to make the cupcakes. You use your own real milk, eggs, and butter with the the cake and frosting mixes.