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Bugs Watch Out!

Photo-A-Day #3349

Today after school Eva and Andrew and I played some of the games from the Cooper & Kid Cooper Kit. The kit is bug themed and came with a bunch of little plastic bugs and a couple of fly swatters. We played a game where I called out the name of the bug and Eva and Andrew would each try and swat it. Eva tried to make it more fair for Andrew but there is only so much you can do when playing with a 6 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 year old.

We also cut up the box that the Cooper & Kid cooper Kit came in and put together some other bugs. Eva did the coloring of the box the other day and it just needed to be cut apart. Cutting cardboard is not fun.

We were doing this because I had to complete a post for the Cooper and Kid blog, Catch, where I reviewed the Cooper Kit. That post will go up tomorrow and I’ll link to it. Here is the link – http://cooperandkid.com/catch/play/cooper-kit-review-good-bad-bugly/

How Things Fly

Photo-A-Day #2805

This afternoon Allison, Eva, Andrew and I went over to Capron Park to check out some of the items from the Cooper and Kid How Things Fly kit. We brought with us the Insect flyer, the Rockets and the parachute man. I also brought along a couple other items. I won a Silverlit Fortress Helicopter and I brought the SkyBall Football. We had a fun time playing with all of the toys.

Eva and I threw around the SkyBall Football. I flew the Helicopter until it came crashing out of the sky and broke both rotor stabilizers. That was 5 minutes of fun over and done with. One stabilizer brace broke in half and that could easily be replaced. However the other one was actually intact but the ball joint it was attached to snapped off. That can’t be fixed without a replacement part and some surgery on the chopper. The thing is, I know how to fly these toy copters pretty well. I was in a huge open field with soft grass. I am disappointed that this broke so quickly. It was great fun to fly it while it lasted, though.

The items from the How Things Fly were fun. The insect flyer was a butterfly and it was made of styrofoam. Throwing it made it fly all over the place in circles. Eva had fun chasing it. That one didn’t last either. It broke on the way home.

The rockets were fun, they flew fairly far. We experimented with different angles of elevation to see how far they would fly. Eva loved shooting off the rockets.

I had some of the most fun with the parachute man. Throwing it into the sky to have it come sailing back down. I caught Eva trying to throw the parachute in today’s photo. She kept trying over and over but wasn’t getting the concept of releasing the man on the top of her arm’s arc. Eventually she’ll get it.