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Halloween 2018

Halloween Dragon

This Halloween we visited our friends, the McCanns. We’ve been pretty lucky the past few years to go over to trick or treat in their neighborhood. Walking around there is like trick or treating in the E.T. movie or any movie where kids are trick or treating for Halloween, that isn’t a horror. It is idyllic. People are out in their garages that have been decorated and they have fire-pits and there are decorations galore. We’ve started making it a tradition to take a photo in front of one house that has a giant inflatable dragon.

All the Kids

We do a photo of Andrew and Eva and then with all five kids together. It is one of my favorite yearly photos. The kids even know to go and get in front of the dragon now, too. Everyone gathers up so Mr. Bennett can take his photo.

Mario and Luigi

This year, thanks to Nintendo, Andrew was Luigi from Luigi’s Mansion and the Super Mario games. Nintendo sent us the costume along with the giant flashlight and the Luigi’s Mansion game. The McCann’s middle son was Mario. Somehow we lost the mustache for Luigi so Allison had to draw one on him. The boys had a great night and they weren’t the only two Super Mario Brothers that we saw on our journey.

Eva was a character of her own design. She had us get a long violet wig and she carried a sword. She and her friend Maryana have created the character and I think the name was Abigail. However, I need to read the story to know all the details.

In all it was a great night with pizza, friends and lots and lots of great candy.


Photo-A-Day #4022

I have to give credit to Allison for the title of this post. After Halloween I picked up three different costumes for the kids on deep discount. I’ve been cleaning out the office a little bit at a time and I found these three costumes: Wolverine, A Ninja Turtle and Thor. We had pretty much everything else for the Ninja Turtle like a mask and more. We also had quite a bit for the Thor costume as well. I had noticed that Andrew had been dressing up more lately. We have a bunch of costumes downstairs in the living room. His favorite is the waitress outfit so that he can make us some food creations.

Andrew was so excited to see that his bean had started to sprout. I am happy to see that something grew because I dropped the cup on the day we brought it into the house. I scooped it up quickly and must have caught the beans so that they could grow. Now they are growing like crazy. The kids and Allison are going to weed the garden and start planting some veggies.

Today I made a video about a new T-Shirt that I got from MixedTees.com. The T-Shirt is for Team Stark and I love it!