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Creating A Colors of the World #TrueSelfie thanks to @Crayola Sending Us a 24 Pack Of The New Crayons And More Free Art Supplies. #sponsored

Andy coloring his trueselfie

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00575

Crayola sent us a bunch of free art supplies including their brand new Colors of the World crayons so that we could make our True Selfies. Opinions are our own.Crayola has created the Colors of the World crayon packs so that kids (and kids at heart) everywhere can truly represent themselves in their skin tone. With the 24 pack there are the 24 skin tones and in the 32 pack there are the 24 skin tones plus 4 hair color and 4 eye color crayons. The crayons include colors like Rose, Almond and Golden from Lightest to Deepest.

Colors of the World

I was asked to work with the kids to create their True Selfie and with that we used the Crayola Camera Color app which takes photos and making them black and white for coloring. I took the photos of the kids and then we converted them and printed them so the kids could color them. They took great care in determining which crayon best represented their skin tones.

Back of Box

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Review: Crayola Crayon Melter

The Crayola Crayon Melter

Crayola sent us a Crayola Crayon Melter for free to play with and to review because I am doing a Twitter Party on 12/20 at 11am about the product. You can RSVP to participate by going to http://bit.ly/meltncreatersvp and following the hashtag #MeltNCreate on Twitter.

We first saw the Crayon Melter at Sweet Suite where Andrew and Eva got to try it out. Andrew enjoyed this product very much and made a really nice Lion. The Lion and the Fish are two designs that come with the Crayon Melter set. You can purchase additional sets like the Canvas Art accessory pack and a Sticker Art Set accessory to go with your Melter! The melter comes with 8 unwrapped crayons but if your house is anything like ours then I am sure you can find a bunch of wrapped and unwrapped crayons that you’d like to melt. For those already wrapped crayons the set comes with a label cutter so that you can easily remove wrappers. You can see it in action in our video below.

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