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Japanese Hot Dogs in Boston’s Chinatown

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Today I got up and caught the train to Boston to meet up with my pal Rob Merlino, aka The Hot Dog Man. We were off to Chinatown for some hot dogs. Yeah, I said Chinatown. We went to the Fei Fan Eatery on 42 Beach Street, Boston. Rob had heard about Fei Fan Eatery from Chowhound and figured we should go and check it out. This was a first for me, I’ve had all sorts of interesting toppings on my hot dog but the toppings on these hot dogs were really unique.

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Jeans and T-Shirt Guy

I am a Jeans and T-Shirt kind of guy. I cannot wait to get home each day and get out of my work clothes and put on my comfy jeans and a snarky, funny, comfy t-shirt. If you recall I got a ton of them at Blog World Expo and even had to expertly repack my suitcase so I could add those additional 16 shirts to the mix. I even made my own shirt at Zazzle. I however am not as clever or funny as the folks at Crazy Dog. They have some very funny ones, I like the “Stay Golden” one and the “I found it” one. I am sure I did that in high school once or twice.

Crazy Dog is one of my new Affiliates through SocialSpark. I’d take a look through their selection for that funny T for your favorite T-Shirt wearing friends. There is some funny stuff at Crazy Dog. I especially like the 80’s T section because there are Transformers and Thundercats T-Shirts and even an A-Team one.

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