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My Creative Lego Kids

Beasts Castle
Photo-A-Day #4678

At 4:45am Andrew came into our room. He was up and ready for the day.He wasn’t going back to sleep so he and Allison build one of the LEGO sets that be got yesterday. When Eva woke up she joined him and they started building their own creations. Eva made this creation above. She explained it all to me before school. This is Beast’s Castle and through the window you can see the enchanted rose under glass. Then what you cannot see is some water that is running under the castle to a waterfall. I was quite proud of her imagination and creation.

Andrew was home with me again because of his fever yesterday. He had high temps off and on again today. We mostly took it easy and he was doing okay, a little coughing and a bit tired but fighting it. We picked Eva up from school because it was a half day. We also went to my parents’ house so that I could help dad install the flatscreen TV. He’s all ready to go for the big game Sunday.

A Favorite Quote

Photo-A-Day #2887

Eva and I did some creative work today. She has monthly family homework for school. We all work on a little colorful project. Today we worked on a Kite for the month of March. It will be displayed with all the other kid’s kites. Part of the kite was colored with crayons, the other part was some glued on pieces of scratch art paper, stickers and glitter glue.

We also worked on a Modello model which was a lot of fun. I’ll be posting up the video of that soon.