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Bound for Dad 2.0 2017 #Dad2Summit

Bound for Dad 2.0
Photo-A-Day #4320

I’m headed to Dad 2.0 for the weekend. I have been looking forward to this trip for quite a while. I have needed to just get away and hang out with other Dad bloggers, other Dads. I’ve been a huge slump over work and what to do next. MY family, YouTube channels and this blog have been keeping me going and motivated. It will just be great to see friends. Friends that I’ve made online throughout the years.

Last night I was doing a Twitter Party for the Dad 2.0 Summit and everyone was talking about the weather. I had had a flight scheduled for Thursday morning and that was when the snow was set to arrive. Well, I checked my airline and I was able to change my flight (for Free, I actually got a $6.70 credit) The flight would put me in California tonight and so I took it. I am very lucky that I had family to help me with Andrew so I could go.

The funny thing is, I wanted to change the flight earlier, like a month ago because of the super tight connection in Charlotte, NC. I was getting so sick over the possibility of missing the second flight. So I had gone on the airline website and tried to change the flight but it was a $200 change fee. Then I figured I’d just cancel it and start over. Cancellations would be non-refundable. But I hit cancel anyway and then panicked. I called American Airlines right back and got the flight reinstated, with no penalties. But I still had that tight connection. Luckily it all worked out and I have arrived at my cousin’s place for the night.

In the photo on the video I have my friend Brian’s Sig Fig, which means Signature Figure or Minifig from LEGO. I need to get some made up for myself before Philly BrickFest Live. I promise that the videos the rest of this week will be more exciting.