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Seashell on Mars

Photo-A-Day #1839

Tonight I got caught up in some things around the house and didn’t make it outside to get a photo so I looked around the house. I found Allison’s bowl filled with seashells. I love the close up details on a seashell and at the same time needed to find a place to shoot the shell. I settled on the rug in the bedroom because I pictured seeing this seashell on the surface of Mars. Continue reading Seashell on Mars

Snow Walking

Photo-A-Day #1733

This morning I got up nice and early and headed to the office. Today I had my Snowshoes with me. Yep, snowshoes. Yep, work. The place where I work used to be a horse farm and there is a large horse track. Since I’m in MA and there has been some on again off again snow around here there was a healthy covering on the ground.

Continue reading Snow Walking