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Updated Review of the Cue Robot from Wonder Workshop – New Features!

A Happy Faced Cue

Exactly one year ago I posted a review of the Cue Robot from Wonder Works. Wonder Workshop sent me that Cue Robot for free to review and play with. They asked me to tell you all about the new features. So, what better day to give you my honest opinions of the updated Cue Robot then a year later! There have been some updates to share with you on this amazing little robot with personality. Four personalities, actually.

One of the new updates to the app is that all of the Cue Avatars are now free. I think they used to be $5 each. Each of the personalities are distinct and have different names. There are avatars Charge, Zest, Pep and Smirk. Each of their personalities are fun in their own way. We enjoy them all but I think that Eva likes Pep the best.


Cue can do so many things. You can drive Cue around like a remote control toy. You can chat with the Cue Avatar via text using the Cue App. You can code Cue to do simple as well as complex maneuvers. It is a great little robot to use to learn the basics of coding. You and Cue can also go on little missions together. Finding treasure and so much more. In the video below we are searching for treasure.

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Giving this LiveStream Thing a Shot

My LiveStream Setup
Photo-A-Day #4544

Today I decided to try out some Live Streaming. I have a lot to learn to make this a much better experience for anyone watching. I a using a software called OBS. This can do a lot of things and I got it set up so that I can play video games as well as change camera sizes. I may even grab a small HD webcam to have an additional camera angle to use when showing toys. I’ve also got to make sure that if I am doing any video game livestreaming to turn off the music from the games. I immediately got a copyright ding from Nintendo for the music from ARMS.

In my livestream I unboxed my latest Smugglers’s Bounty box. This box was themed Jedi and it contained items for Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jin, Aayla Secura, Plo Koon and Yoda. There were good items in the box although I would have liked it if they included the paper inside that details how they decided on the characters and what it took to come up with the character designs for the Funko figures.

As far as Funko figures go I found some little figures for the movie Thor Ragnarok. They are actually keychains but I take the keychain part off to have small figures. I’ll be taking them with me to LA next month for the Thor Ragnarok Press trip that I am attending. I’ve got to write up a post all about it, too.

During the livestream I also played some Legend of Zelda and show a cool little robot that we got for review. So, take a look and I promise I will figure out the whole sound thing for the extra videos and video games.