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A Conversation with Kevin Metzger about #M3Summit

Kevin Metzger and I are both speaking at the Modern Media Man Summit in Atlanta September 9-11. We decided to do a Skype Video chat together about the conference but for some reason it wasn’t recorded properly. Luckily I use G-Recorder and it captured the Audio. Kevin captured a very flattering photo of me from the video that I’ll use instead and no, we did not coordinate our outfits, what would have been worse would be if I was wearing my black BenSpark.com shirt. LOL

Here is our conversation, it is a quick one, under 20 minutes. Listen during your lunch hour.

Kevin is the man behind the Dadvocate Project. I hope that you check it out along with the charity organization Let’s Cure CP. Kevin has partnered with the Modern Media Man Summit to raise funds for the organization and your purchase of an M3 ticket could mean a lot to this organization. Here is the link to the different purchase options that will help Let’s Cure CP. (Don’t let the price scare you, just select the option that you want and remove the others by changing the quantity and clicking update before you buy your tickets. A full conference pass will get $200 donated to Let’s Cure CP.

Daddy/Daughter Weekend

Photo-A-Day #1786

At the moment of this writing Eva is lying in bed fast asleep. she should be because we had an action packed day. Allison is on Spa weekend up in Maine for a big time Knitting extravaganza. Knitting Tea and PJs, sounds relaxing. While she is away Eva and I are having some bonding time.

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