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The Best Damn Brussels Sprouts

Best Damn Brussels Sprouts
Photo-A-Day #2096

Tonight Allison made an batch of Daniel M. Clark’s Best Damn Brussels Sprouts. As I attempt to get healthy I am exploring different foods that are better for me than others. I’m trying to eliminate extra carbs from potatoes, white rice and more. I’ve gotten into eating Quinoa as well. For a while I had been eating half sandwiches but I’m not using bread anymore in those sandwiches but instead wrapping some chicken or turkey in lettuce for my lunch. Eventually I’ll work on more variety in the lunches as well. I love how the Brussels sprouts and bacon looked, very colorful. The one thing that I’d say about it was that they were really hot, the red pepper flakes were absorbed into the broth. Other than that they were great! Continue reading The Best Damn Brussels Sprouts

Swaying in the Wind

Photo-A-Day #2041

Taking a walk today while at work. I saw these reeds blowing in the wind and the bike path stretching out ahead of me. I’m pretty fortunate that I can take a walk during lunch along a waterfront. I love looking out the window and seeing the water. That is, when the automatic window blinds aren’t lowered so the view is obscured. Luckily and unluckily, right now the weather is a bit overcast and the windows stay open, it is dreary but still worth taking the walk.

Tonight I had a great conversation with three other dads and we are forming something very cool. My call was with Kevin Metzger, Daniel M. Clark, PJ Mullen and Daddy Claxton. I’m very pumped up for what we are goign to start working on. Look for this new venture in December.

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