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Unboxing The cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack for Skylanders Imaginators on the Nintendo Switch

Skylanders Sensei Wildstorm - Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack
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Activision sent me the Cursed Tiki Temple Adventure Pack with Skylanders Sensei Wildstorm, a Life Creation Crystal and an imaginite chest with over 80 parts.

Wildstorm is a Knight Battle Class Sensei of the Air Element and having him unlocks a whole new level, the Cursed Tiki Temple level. It is full of all new baddies and lots of fun.

I loaded in the character as well as the imaginite chest full of 80 imaginite items. Now I have a ton of new stuff to use to create new Imaginator characters. On top of that there was the new Life Creation Crystal and despite already having that design I can still use it to create a new character of a different battle class.

I noticed that the chest provided new ultimate weapons for the imaginators. One weapon for each battle class. Something I failed to point out in the video below. The video shows you more about the character, his catch phrase and much more. Of of the cooler looking characters to come along.


Activision sent me the gameplay video to use in my video. I am still working out how to capture great gameplay on my Nintendo Switch so that I can give you more gameplay videos. This new Adventure Pack releases on April 7, 2017.

Skylanders SuperChargers go Dark at SDCC


I have been seeing news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con about Skylanders and I am excited. My wallet, not so much. While I figured that maybe because there were only 20 vehicles and 20 superchargers this time about I would be saved some extra spending, not so. Just announced was the Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Editions. This in addition to the Skylanders Superchargers regular editions plus the ones that feature Donkey Kong and Bowser, well we are talking many starter packs to purchase in order to collect all the characters. It is quite crazy. But, I like it! I am a diehard Skylanders fan and it is killing me not to be at San Diego Comic-Con right now playing the game with the new Dark figures including Dark versions of Donkey Kong and Bowser.

Skylanders Superchargers Dark Wii Edition with Dark Bowser

The Dark Edition for the Wii has Dark Bowser and Dark Clown Cruiser along with Dark Spitfire, Dark Hot Streak and the Kaos Trophy which unlocks special Kaos content.

Skylanders Superchargers Dark Wii U Edition with Dark Donkey Kong

The Dark Edition for the Wii U has Dark Donkey Kong and Dark Barrel Blaster along with Dark Spitfire, Dark Hot Streak and the Kaos Trophy which unlocks special Kaos content.

Not only will there be dark versions of characters there were be more of the Eon’s Elite figures. These are stronger super powered figures that last year were repaints of eight popular Skylanders characters. This time around however the characters chosen will be remolded and will include some of those characters who have never been reposed or rereleased including Voodood, Zook, Slam Bam, Ghost Roaster, Boomer and Dino-Rang, Other than Slam Bam and Zook these guys have not been seen since Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure! I’m excited to add them to my Eon’s Elite Roster.

Eon's Elite Figures Illustration

More about the Dark Edition Skylanders SuperChargers as well as the activities at San Diego Comic-Con. Continue reading Skylanders SuperChargers go Dark at SDCC