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EvaBear has her Traveling Hoodie on

Photo-A-Day #1787

I leave for my first work trip, since London this past October, tomorrow. I got tapped to help out with my previous group. They have a staffing shortage and I’m filling in one week in March and one in April. I’m pretty excited about getting back out on the road. Being in the office for so long has given me major stir crazy. I decided to take one of Eva’s stuffed animals with me to take some fun photos for her. Of course, I’ll be posting them her as the week progresses.

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Holding on to the Money

Photo-A-Day #1777

Now that we’ve gone to a cash only system for our lives I have cash in my pockets. Thank you Dave Ramsey. It is a weird thing for me because for years I hardly ever had cash on me, I operated only on cards. So, today I was in Borders and I went to pay for a snack and saw this dollar bill in my wallet. It really jumped out at me because of the colors and then I looked closer and saw that there was this website built up around following this dollar on its journey.

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