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Review: Family Movie: Truth Be Told

David James Elliott as Mark Crane, Emma Gould as Zoe Crane, Chris Brochu as Kenny Crane, and Candace Cameron Bure as Annie Morgan in Truth Be Told.

Last Tuesday night I had the opportunity to watch a private in home screening of the upcoming Fox Family Movie: Truth Be Told. The movie starts Candace Cameron Bure and David James Elliott. The premiere of “Truth Be Told” is on Saturday, April 16th on FOX at 8pm/7ct. Here is a quick synopsis of the movie from the official Truth Be Told site.

When leading marriage counselor Annie Morgan (Candace Cameron Bure) is offered an opportunity to host a relationship talk show, she jumps at the chance. But fearful that being single might ruin her big break, she conspires with an old college friend and recent widower, Mark Crane (David James Elliott), to pose as a married couple with kids. Their story starts to unravel when Annie and Mark join her eccentric soon-to-be boss (Ronny Cox) for a weekend at his ranch in New Mexico. Comical misunderstandings mark the event as Annie struggles to keep up the ruse, finding herself emotionally invested and conflicted by her own conscience. Will she confess the truth about her marital status and her feelings for Mark… and will the truth set them free?

so, what did I think of the movie… read more to find out. Continue reading Review: Family Movie: Truth Be Told