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Pre-Vacation Malaise

Photo-A-Day #2564

Another weekend day, another day to sleep. Eva’s not been feeling well. Andrew’s been real clingy to Allison and I haven’t been sleeping that well. We’ve got a vacation coming up and I’m not sure if it is nerves, the impending downtime after going full tilt for so long or what. Anyway, I’m starting to feel the effects of impending downtime and hope that we can just rest up, feel better and have a good vacation. Continue reading Pre-Vacation Malaise

Swingtime and Shadows

Photo-A-Day #2560

This morning Eva and I went over to the Capron Park Zoo. We first stopped at the playground and she had the run of the place for a while. She’s getting so much more sure of herself and is able to climb around on the playground very well. She met a little boy named Lucas and they played together all over the playground and then we went into the zoo with he and his mother. The kids got along very well and they had lots of fun. Continue reading Swingtime and Shadows