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That’s One Way to Eat Spaghetti

Photo-A-Day #2684

Who knew that a company picnic would knock me on my butt so hard. Of course after the picnic yesterday I tried to get some sleep back at home before going back to work for my last night of the weekend. I got two hours.

Not Enough.

So I was a wreck today.

I slept till 11:35am from 8am when Eva and her friend Audrey screamed a welcome to Audrey’s brother Nate. I was up and wide awake after that. I decided to disassemble the Death Star with the help of Nate. He wasn’t much help but instead he built some very cool things with the parts that I wasn’t stuffing into 5 Glad 1 gallon bags. Continue reading That’s One Way to Eat Spaghetti

That’s No Moon

Photo-A-Day #2682

A few days ago my internet buddy Lenny sends me an e-mail. His e-mail to me says “so they were cleaning up the bedrooms where I work and there son no longer wanted lego death star. I am talking about the big set. 2 and a half foot tall death star. I figured you might like it since you are a lego collector“. Naturally I ask him how much they were selling it for. Well, come to find out that they were just throwing it away. A $400 LEGO set being tossed in the trash! I said that of course I’d take it. It’s the Death Star! Continue reading That’s No Moon