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Left to my own Devices

Photo-A-Day #2005

Today, Allison and Eva were away at Allison’s grandparent’s house. They went up for a wake and funeral. Sadly, our cousin’s father passed away quite unexpectedly. I was unable to go but my heart goes out to our extended family.

So, while Allison and Eva were gone last night I figured that I would be very productive and take care of a ton of things that I need to get done. before Blog World Expo. I’ve got lots of posts to write as well as videos to make. Did I do that? No. I did work with one of my clients and that was the most productive that I was the entire night. I read comics, played time waster games, cleaned out the freezer, washed dishes and folded clothes. But I don’t feel that I was that productive overall. Continue reading Left to my own Devices