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Desk is Full

Photo-A-Day #3809

It is one of those days where I slept the whole time and couldn’t think of much to photograph. Then I looked at my desk at work. I just got a new computer, finally after a long time. You can’t see it, though because of everything that I have on my desk and I’ve already tape up things all over it. I always say that I have a ton of stuff on my desk and well, this proves it. My desk is full of toys. Most of the time I get something to review or something from Loot Crate I bring it in to work and I put it onto my desk. So many toys.

This is the Desk that my Desk Aspires to Be

Photo-A-Day #3061

People at work see my desk and say, “Man, you have a lot of toys!”. Well, I point you to the image above. That is not my desk. That is the desk that my desk wants to be. The guy who is at that desk like so many of the same things that I do and has found some very amazing stuff. I occasionally go down to his desk at night and check out to see what new item he has added. There is often a new LEGO set or Transformer or more.

I feel like the Joker and think to myself “Where does he get all those wonderful toys.”.