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What to do With All These Toys

Photo-A-Day #3039

I don’t find need for much paper on my desk at work. I never have been a paper guy. I have pretty much all of my files on the desktop or in a Google Drive. So there is space on my desk for other things. I choose to fill that space with toys, lots and lots of toys. The toys have really take over, too. I just learned that I’ve got to move to a middle seat in a tripled up cube in a couple of months. I like my desk and I really like having all my stuff spread out on that desk. I am not looking forward to boxing up 2/3 of this stuff and wedging myself over into a triple cube. So, I must whittle things down to the very best stuff to display.

Oh and this photo is a fraction or a fraction of the toys I have on the desk. It is out of control.

Home Office

Photo-A-Day #2522

So this is where I do my blogging work now and also where I record the Geek Dads Weekly Podcast. I picked myself up a Yeti microphone and a Pop filter. I still need to pick up a Mic stand so that I can connect the pop filter. With all this cool equipment and with all of the podcasts that I already listen to I’m toying with the idea of doing my own podcast but I am not sure what to talk about yet. Nothing has hit me. Although I should just start something and then figure out what it is to do. Maybe go through all my old comic books.

So many toys.