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Andy and His Fungisaurs

Andy and his Fungisaurs

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00562

We were given a case of Fungisaurs for free to unbox and review. Opinions are our own.

Here’s an interesting idea. What if you take dinosaurs and cross them with Mushrooms. That’s how you get Fungisaurs. These are cute collectible figures are great fun for dinosaur loving and science loving kids alike. These edutaining toys help kids learn about biodiversity, dinosaurs and mushrooms all in one. In addition to the toys being collectible there is also a robust app and a full website with even more information. Kids can use their fungisaurs to learn about the worl around them. They can also take their fungisaurs on fun outdoor adventures.

Andy with his Fungisaur

We received a 12 pack of Fungisaurs so that we were guaranteed a full set of the 8 Fungisaurs from series one. They were, Bracko, C-Rex, Chick-Rap, Paradots, Pterocap, Sailamander, Scaly-Anky and Trishroomops. Each Fungisaur is a combination of one dinosaur with one type of mushroom. I thought the idea was fantastic when I first heard of them and out of all the different ones my favorite is Trishroomops. Triceratops has always been my favorite dinosaur. Although, Andy seems to think that I would rather spend more time with the Chickraps.

Me with the chickraps

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