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Review: Playskool Heroes Jurassic World Dino Tracker 4×4 Vehicle

Photo-A-Day #3759

In addition to the Jurassic World Helicopter we received the Playskool Heroes Jurassic World Dino Tracker 4X4 Vehicle as part of the #PlayLikeHasbro program. We got this toy to play with and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

The look and feel of these toys are perfect for little kids. The human figures stand up perfectly. This is great for small children’s hands and there is nothing more frustrating for the kids than a plaything that won’t stand on its own. There are so many action figures that don’t stand on their own. These ones work fantastic. The dinosaurs are cute and well designed. We have a raptor, triceratops and a giant T-Rex. The Dino tracker 4×4 came with a raptor. Continue reading Review: Playskool Heroes Jurassic World Dino Tracker 4×4 Vehicle

Monster Appetite

Photo-A-Day #3363

This afternoon Eva, Andrew and I opened up a big LEGO set to build. It is a Dinosaur capture facility and has a ton of pieces. I had Eva start off with a couple of sets that she did herself. I built another part of the set with the help of Andrew. For a good 20 minutes or so he helped me so well. I showed him the piece that I wanted and he found them right away. But, when he became disinterested he was really disinterested. It was nice to play with him. When we built the T-Rex Andrew used it to feed himself some animal Crackers. That kid is a riot.