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Day for Moms

Day for Moms
Photo-A-Day #1493

Today Allison had a nice little Mother’s Day. We started with church at 8:00am because the 10:15 was 1st Communion for 32 kids (super long Mass). We had a delicious breakfast at the Town Restaurant and then headed to BJ’s for some shopping.

Sunday morning at BJ’s is pretty decent, there is hardly anyone there that early. We picked up many of the essentials including a 16GB memory card for my camera. 888 photos in Raw and Fine JPEG with that card, NICE! Allison got a very pretty necklace that says Live, Love, Laugh. And we got some more space save bags. I hope that they help us get a little more control over all the baby clothes that we want to keep for any more kids.

The rest of the day was nice except that Eva took no nap at all so she was up all day. We took her for a nice walk in her new stroller. Along the way I saw a small brigade of dinosaurs in dump trucks. What?

Dinos in Dump Trucks

Then we headed home and spent some time in the backyard. It was a day, a nice average day. It was so great just to spend an nice time with the family.