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Rediscovering Disney Infinity

Rediscovering Disney Infinity
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00196

The kids have rediscovered Disney Infinity. Despite the game being cancelled and there is no more online support for it, they can still play in the Toy Box. There are also other parts that the kids can play like the Star Wars parts. Those were the best. I loved those parts of this game. Then there is also a whole Avengers portion of this game that they can play as well.

In addition to Disney Infinity we are going to jump back into Skylanders. I found the first five games for $17 on eBay for the Xbox. I will be making Skylanders gameplay videos in the near future. I can’t wait to start playing those games again.

Wiped Out by a Super Busy Day

Andrew and his painting
Photo-A-Day #4195

Today was one of those really nice days. Andrew and I headed off to school and it was picture day for him. He looked so handsome and ready to be photographed. I have finally discovered how to get him to smile at me. I just tell him that he can’t smile at me. When I do that then he does nothing but give me gigantic smiles and he even looks at me. This kid always does the opposite of what I ask when I ask it. However, to start out the day, he was the one who asked to make a video on the way to school.

While he was in school I went to the gym and took a trip over to Walmart and Toys R Us. At Walmart I did not find any Marvel Hot Wheels cars but they did have some Star Wars themed cars. These were in a large $0.94 bin and the cars are themed for the different planets in the Star Wars Universe. There are eight in all and I think that they are numbered by how we chronologically see each of these planets in the Star Wars history.

I also picked up the Disney Infinity figures, Nemo, Alice and the Mad Hatter. Eva would later inform me that today was #MadHatterDay. That is such a strange coincidence.

So, I pick up Andrew and he immediately noticed the Nemo figure and decided that he wanted to play Disney Infinity today. I had a video to work on which I will link to later. So, Andrew played and then he got tired of it he let me know and I told him that it was time for a little quiet time in his room. He had the option of playing quietly or resting. He must have been tired because he fell asleep, hard. I felt really bad about having to wake him up later on, but we had to go and pick Eva up from school. Allison had a party to attend after school and so we had to pick up Eva. Luckily it was Buddy Week at Karate and she was able to try it out. She was very apprehensive about it at first but once she got going she had a great time. The kids were both on their best behavior and Eva had such focus. She expressed that she would like to take karate now. If only her schedule would allow it. I think that she would be a natural. She;s so determined. Her skills would need lots of work but her enthusiasm and determination are excellent.

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