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Adding Lighting to Andy’s New Bed

Rope Lights Under Bed

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00571

I’ve been trying to make Andy’s room have a fun feel to it. He’s already chosen an amazing color that suits him. He’s got this incredible bunk bed/futon set-up, too. I thought that I’d take it a step further and add some cool lighting underneath the bed part and above the futon part. II had tried to use some LED strip lights. These aer lights that have a sticker backing and can be cut and customized to make all sorts of designs, at least in theory. I spent two hours trying to put these lights around one square of the bed. I could not get the lights to all stay on properly. So, I ended up ripping it all down and purchasing a set of Rope Lights instead. With these I was able to zip tie them in place and form them to look exactly the way I wanted them to look. This was something I should have done from the start but will learn from the mistake.

However, I now have 65 feet of LED Strip lights that I am attempting to add to my bookcase for display o my Toys to Life Toys (Skylanders, LEGO Dimensions, Disney Infinity and more) I may just have to order another Rope Light set and use that instead. But we’ll see if I have any better luck on the bookcase than I did on Andy’s bed.

Below are Amazon.com Affiliate links to the two items. If you are interested in adding creative lighting to your home, the rope lights are cool. The LED strip lights are cooler but you really have to work them to make it possible to enjoy them.

Office Moving Along

Office Moving Along

Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00565

The office has been painted and last night Dad came over and helped me install a few Impact 3″” Baby Pin Wall Plates into the wall so that I could mount my studio lights there pemanently. Although I am starting to wonder if I had done anything a little differently with them as they appear to be a bit high above me. I may be able to install something on those baby pins that will let me move and angle the lights to other configurations. We shall see.

You can also see in the photo that I have installed a swing arm for my microphone. It is mounted on a shock mount and should be able to stay on the desk permanently where I can move it wherever I need it. I’ll be testing everything out tomorrow during Sweet Suite @Home. Sweet Suite is an event that I have gone to the past several years and I am very excited to see how it will be virtually. I have my green screen ready and even made a personal virtual background.

The office is not quite finished. There is one major display piece that I have to work on the rest of the week. This will look incredible once it is finished. At least, I hope so. I have been working on it in my mind for a while and I think when it is finished it will look amazing.