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NEW Nickelodeon Show, Sunny Day, Launches Today

Sunny Day

A brand new Nickelodeon show for Pre-Schoolers premieres today. the show is called Sunny Day and it revolves around 10-year-old master stylist, Sunny, who runs her own hair salon. This show is a must see for any child who dreams of running her own business someday. The show will even have a live-action hair tutorial that teaches a style from the episode. However, this isn’t all about hair and fashion and the like. The show has an underlying educational components like creative problem solving, celebrating individuality and self-expression. the show also has a social-emotional curriculum that highlights leadership, innovative thinking and teamwork. You can get a glimpse of this show in the trailer below and see the actual show today.

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Late SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: Inkoos

Take your favorite stuffed animal and then draw on it. That is the premise of Inkoos. These cute and cuddly square/blocky shaped characters are made for drawing, doodling and just plain expressing your creativity. Eva and I received two Inkoos, a full size one (Dog) and a mini Inkoos (Owl). Right off the bat these guys are cute. They have a very unique look and have a lot of potential for creating something very cool. The large Inkoos comes with a set of three fabric markers and the mini Inkoos has one marker. In our review we received pink, blue, purple and green markers. The markers come with a clip so that you can always keep them right with your Inkoos.

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