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Review: Brave Ultimate Collector’s Edition 5 Disc 3D Combo Pack

Settle in Wee ones because this is gonna be a long one with videos, activities and more. Back before Brave came out we attended a sneak preview of the movie and LOVED it. There were some scary parts that had Eva covering her eyes but for most of the movie she was wide eyed and loving seeing Merida on the screen. She even dressed as Merida for the movie. Well, when the movie came up for release on DVD and Blu-ray I definitely wanted to get this for our collection and the set is even better than the movie itself because it has so many great extras and in Blu-ray on the big screen at home it plays so beautifully. Continue reading Review: Brave Ultimate Collector’s Edition 5 Disc 3D Combo Pack

Rainy Day Paper Dolls featuring Disney’s Brave

With all the crazy wet weather that we’ve been having there is bound to be that moment of “Dad, We’re bored!”. Well you can download these character cutouts featuring the characters from Disney’s BRAVE. There is also a printable backdrop of the DunBroch banquet hall. You can download them and print them by clicking the image below

Download Character Cutouts!

You can get your own copy of Disney’s BRAVE on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download November 13. Not sure if you should buy it, check out my review of Disney’s BRAVE.