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Eva’s New Classic Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon T-Shirt and Some D&D Holiday Gift Ideas

Dungeons and Dragons T-Shirt
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #00681

We received this t-shirt for free. Opinions are our own.

A little while back I received an email detailing a ton of great Dungeons and Dragons gear including a t-shirt that had the classic cartoon cast on it. I loved that show when I was younger and want to introduce Eva to it now because she has such an interest in DMing games herself. We’ve played several games that are close to Dungeons and Dragons and are put out by Wizards of the Coast like Dungeons & Dragons: Adventure Begins and Dungeon Mayhem: Monsters and Mayhem and also Tiny Dungeon but we have yet to do a real D&D campaign. Eva did some this Summer with friends and she wants to do more. When she does she’ll be wearing this shirt.

If you want one of these yourself you can pick it up through our 80’s Tees affiliate link – Cartoon Characters Dungeons & Dragons T-Shirt. and you can find the games and more through some additional Amazon.com affiliate links below.

Kora and the Stormshell Shield

LightSeekers Kora
Photo-A-Day #4619

Less than a week ago I was posting about LightSeekers. I had received a couple of the new smart action figures; Boulder and Zyrus. Then I saw a sale on Amazon.com and there were some accessories and some trading card packs that I was interested in. So I picked up a few of them including the Stormshell shield for the Water characters. Any LightSeeker can use this shield but if it is aligned to the correct character and element then it works better.

I am intrigued by the LightSeeker Card game and have a number of the start packs. I have the water, tech. mountain and dread is coming. I would like to try and play the game with Eva sometime when we have time. I think she would like it and would be good at it. These card games are really helpful in learning how to make quick decisions based on math and also how to plan things out.

I also have a couple of packs of Magic the gathering cards that I got at HASCON that I’ve been meaning to crack open and play with the kids, too. Don’t even get me started about the Dungeons and Dragons Starter pack that I received and have yet to use. Where is the time for all these games?

Speaking of toys and games, we made our annual donation to Christmas is for kids on Monday night. One of the late additions to the donation was from MEGA CONSTRUX & MEGA BLOKS. They sent over some great sets for American Girl, Wellie Wishers and Barbie Dreamtopia. I thought that Eva would have wanted the American Girl sets but she decided that she’d rather they be donated so we did a video talking about each set and then added them to the donation. Here is that video.

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