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It Begins Today

Photo-A-Day #2523

I’ve been a bump on a log for far too long. So, today I took out my journey gym and set it up in the garage so that I could start working out again. I had my portable DVD player with the workout on it and at the 15 minute mark the battery died, so instead of a 20 minute workout I had a 15 minute one. Tomorrow I’ll have the DVD player plugged in so that doesn’t happen again.

After that abbreviated workout I went for a walk. I laced up my New Balance Minimus Trail runner sneakers. I also downloaded the Pedometer Ultimate App for my iPhone to track my walk. I walked all around Capron Park. It felt good to get on out of there and walk. The weather was brisk but sunny and nice. I’m looking forward to the Spring and Summer season and spending more time outside. Continue reading It Begins Today

I Can Do it Myself!

I Can Do it Myself
Photo-A-Day #1525

Eva has been becoming much more independent and strong willed. Words like “Mine”, “Myself” and “No” are rearing their impetuous little heads. I really love this kid however she is trying our patience because she is wicked smart and cute and worst of all, she knows it.

For example, the other day Allison was taking Happy Feet out of the DVD player. Eva went to touch the tray and Allison said “No!” and moved Eva’s hand. Allison went to put in Finding Nemo and as she dropped the DVD onto the tray Eva pushed the tray in, jamming the DVD player. Allison was beside herself and so she called me to have Eva tell me what she did to my DVD player (it was a gift from Allison for my 30th Birthday). I get the phone call and Allison is exasperated telling me what happened. She then puts Eva on the phone and Eva says “I Just Touched It” in the most innocent manner. As Allison and I talked I could hear Eva saying “VCR” “Touched it” and “I’m Sorry” I swear that kid is way too smart for her own good.

By the way Eva’s even got those shoes on the wrong feet. She likes it that way.