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Oh, I shall be misbehavin’

So yesterday the Serenity Trailer goes up on the web. And this morning I get an e-mail from the Browncoats, well actually from Joss Whedon through the Browncoats.

The gist of the e-mail was that there is going to be an advanced screening next Thursday, a full 5 months prior to the actual movie release. And guess who got me tickets!!! Yes Allison was able to snag two tickets for us to see the show at the Boston Lowe’s Boston Common Theater. I’m home today out sick because of a Dentist appointment and this morning I was trying to get tickets all morning and Fandango was not working correctly so I couldn’t get through so I asked Allison to keep an eye on the site and low and behold I get a message from Allison telling me that she scored tickets. And I’m glad I asked her because it is now sold out. Shiny!!! (If you don’t get that reference then you need to go and get you some Firefly DVD’s)

I aim to misbehave…

With those words, Captain Malcolm Reynolds gets the excitement up for Serenity, the new movie from the mind of Joss Whedon. Ever since Firefly was canceled from TV I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out. I still have to wait some time longer (Serenity opens September 30, 2005). The trailer came out today at 4:00pm. And it was awesome. There is humor, action and some big damn heroes.

If you are not up on the mythos behind Firefly, do yourself a favor and buy the DVD’s and watch them all. Over and over. The episodes are fantastic. If I recommend any movie this year, besides my major write ups about Sahara, then this would be the one you must see. You need to see Serenity. It would be so incredible if the movie did well enough to get the show back on TV. That would be amazing and an unheard of accomplishment.

If the movie does well then Joss Whedon will have done another amazing accomplishment. And that is being the man who took a failed movie and made a hit TV show and then taking a failed TV show and making a hit movie. I really hope that happens.