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CozyPhones – Soft and Cute Headphones for the Kids

The Kids Rocking out with their CozyPhones

We received a couple of CozyPhones for free to use and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

In the past few years we have taken many car trips with the kids and this past February we went on a flight with them. Each time we go on our trips now the kids take along their activity packs with all sorts of things to keep themselves entertained. One of the things that they each have is an iPad. Eva has an iPad Mini and Andrew an iPad Air in a large protective case. We’ve gone through a number of headphones over the years, too. It is always fun to be driving down the road to hear that the headphones are hurting my head or to discover at the last minute that the headphones have been broken beyond repair. And when I say fun… I mean frustrating for both me and the kids.

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