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Happy Easter 2017

Adult Egg Hunt Haul
Photo-A-Day #4387

Happy Easter. I hope that your Easter was as nice as ours was. We got up and the kids opened their baskets from the Easter Bunny. Then we got ready for church. That included baking some roasted potatoes. We got to church with the family and we were earlier than usual but that doesn’t mean anything on Easter. That means that you sit in the back on the folding chairs. If you want a seat you have to get their early, even for the 8am Mass.

After Mass we had the kids’ Easter Egg Hunt on the front yard and then a surprise for the adults. My sister Tara and her husband Erik put together an adult Easter Egg hunt and you can see my haul above. It was the first time that we had done this and it was really fun.

We had lunch and the kids opened more baskets. We took family photos and more. It was a nice day spent with family.

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Happy Easter 2015

Photo-A-Day #3649

Today was Easter. We celebrated at my parent’s house with my parents, Auntie Shelby, Uncle Time, Cousin Dylan and Cousin Kylie. We were even visited by the Easter Bunny. It was a nice day.

I got home from work and went right to my parent’s house to change. Allison and the kids were already there. Allison was already wrangling Andrew away from the living room because he was attempting to get in to look for eggs. No outdoor egg hunt this year because of the late snowfall and the very muddy yards. We got ready and went to 8am Mass. A good Mass to go to if you want to get a seat on Easter Sunday.

I think that Jimmy Fallon said it best when he said, “Thank you people who only go to church on Easter Sunday. You are the religious equivalent of flossing 10 minutes before visiting the dentist.”

After church we had a second mass that Eva gave. She read from her children’s bible stories book and sang a song. We were waiting for Dylan to wake up before letting the kids loose to search for eggs. Once he woke up the kids went and tore through the living room. There were a ton of eggs and the three kids (who are mobile) got to collecting. Eva cleaned up, because she’s the oldest and wasn’t taking the hint to slow it down and let the little guys get some eggs, but Andrew and Dylan did pretty well for themselves, too.

I got six Hot Wheels cars to put into the eggs this year. Maybe next year we color code the eggs so that each kid searches for their own set of colors. That way the disbursement of things like Hot Wheels is more fair. I’ve got to track down some larger eggs to hide more cars. Maybe I should label those ones with the kid’s names or something.

It was a very nice day and then we came home and I got to sleep for a while before dinner. This crazy schedule had me all over the place. Thank goodness I wasn’t going to work tonight.